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Lullaby-(Piano Quintet No.1)

Originally arranged for glockenspiel and thumb pian, Lullaby was written just after the birth of Laird's first son, Xuan Kai.


It expresses a time in Laird's life that was full of changes and challenges, but with time he found a place of peace were he could focus his efforts on music and family.


The Piano Quintet arrangement was penned back in 2016 and was premiered at the University of Western Australia by the Sartory String Quartet with the composer at the piano in 2017.
"This work is dedicated to my first born and his ability to continuously inspire me."

The Approach-(Piano Quintet No.2)

This track could be considered to be Laird's Piano Quintet No.2. Written shortly after "Lullaby" it is arranged for Piano and String Quartet but with added effects and percussion.


The piece was commissioned by the composers then publisher, Kobalt. Shortly after this publication the composer cut ties with Kobalt, preferring to focus more on the deeper meaning of music rather than the material aspects of the industry.

The ambiguity and space of the piece reflect a feeling of uncertainty. Artwork by Mustapha design.


String Quartets

Laird currently has a collection of six String Quartets and is slowly adding to this growing catalogue of works.

Since 2005 his String Quartets have seen public performances, first by the Glasgow String Quartet and most recently in 2017 by the Sartory String Quartet in Australia.

So far only two String Quartets have been recorded and both of them at the Soundfield Studio in Perth Australia. Producer, Sound engineer and fellow composer Stuart James was at the helm during recordings. Laird is planning a new set of recordings which will include all six of his current quartet works. 

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